The Sentinel

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The Sentinel
Artist Albert Paley
Year 2003
Type Sculpture
Dimensions 73 ft x 30 ft x 30 ft
Location Administration Circle

The Sentinel is a large sculpture in the center of the RIT campus. It stands seven stories high, 30 feet in girth, and 110 tons of weight.[1]

The Sentinel

The structure

The project cost $800,000 to create.[1]

Albert Paley

Steel, stainless steel and bronze sculpture. 73' x30' x30'

The Sentinel, built by Albert Paley for RIT in 2003, is the largest sculpture on any American university campus. Weighing in at 110 tons, this monumental structure dominates the RIT skyline. As Paley's most ambitious commission to date, he referred "to the technological dimension of the Institute and the dYNAMIC transformative nature of the educational process."

In the 1960s there was an early architectural rendering during the planning stages of RIT's new campus in Henrietta, NY. The original plans showed a pair of towering brick monoliths at the entrance to the Institute, in keeping with the starkly brutalist vision of the original architectural plan. However by the time the new campus was completed in 1968, the monoliths had disappeared. They were not replaced until 35 years later when The Sentinel was installed in the newly redesigned plaza.


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