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Hello Tigers and welcome to the new RITPedia! This message is to inform you of some of the changes that have occurred in the progress to better server you RITPedia pages that you should be away of. Those tigers who had previously used RITPedia may need to utilize a password reset while those new to RITPedia shall need to create a new account with your RIT email. Pages have been moved over from the old RITPedia but some pages could not be copied over in their entirety due to difference with the old RITPedia and the new RITPedia. Please assist us in repairing these pages by visiting stub to see what pages could use some assistance. Further the old RITPedia shall be kept up for a period of time at [OLD RITpedia] to assist the repair of these pages. Finally many pages have been cleaned up. Broken pages and links have been cleansed, double and triple redirects have simplified, and pages that had violated the scope, content policies, or notability requirements have been cleaned up to provide a better experience.


Welcome to RITpedia, where students, alumni, faculty, and staff can collaborate in an online encyclopedia all about RIT. Before you start editing, please take a look at the Policies and Guidelines and Notability pages, pages that fail to meet our Policies and Guidelines or fail to meet the Notability requirements will be removed.