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Women's Career Achievement Dinner - RITpedia
Women's Career Achievement Dinner
Type Formal dinner
Sponsor(s) Women's Center and RLI&CSC
Inaugurated 2006

The Women's Career Achievement Dinner is an annual event organized by the Women's Center and the RIT Leadership Institute & Community Service Center.

The banquet was created to honor RIT alumnae who have been particularly successful in their careers after graduation, and to honor faculty members who have made gender diversity a priority even when it is not an essential part of their jobs. As of 2010, it is also the venue through which the Leadership Institute distributes the Women's Leadership certificates to those who have completed the certificate program.


  • Date: April 26, 2010
  • Location: Clark Gym
  • Keynote speaker: Sandra Sobieraj Westfall (Washington Bureau Chief, PEOPLE magazine)
  • Honorees: Jennifer Indovina, Christine Peters, Donna Rankin-Parobek, Rita Straubhaar, Lorri Strem, Barbara Switzer, Alison Tyler, Laura Zigarowicz
  • Recipients of the Edwina Award for Gender Diversity and Inclusiveness: Diane Hope, Harvey Palmer[1]


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