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|data1 = [[File:Universitycommons.gif]]

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University Commons Suites
300 UCS.jpg
Name University Commons Suites
Building Number 300-330
Abbreviation UCS
Zone Zone
Furnished Yes
Living Room 251 square feet
Kitchen 102 square feet
Bedrooms (x4) 102 square feet

University Commons is a the newest apartment complex located on the west side of campus.


History goes here.


  • Living Room: Couch, two armchairs, coffee table, end table, entertainment/TV stand, and window shades
  • Kitchen: Refrigerator with top freezer, microwave, stove top with oven, and breakfast bar with four chairs
  • Bedrooms: Bed with full mattress (7.25" X 53" X 74.5") with inverted seam and dual-sided firmness, desk and chair, nightstand, dresser, and window shades
  • Laundry room: Top-load washer and front-load dryer
  • Bathrooms: Shower curtains
  • all utilities included
  • free standard cable
  • free local phone service

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