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{{Infobox building
{{Infobox building
|image=[[File:8 GOS.jpg|250px]]
|bldgname=Thomas Gosnell Hall
|bldgname=Thomas Gosnell Hall

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Thomas Gosnell Hall
8 GOS.jpg
Name Thomas Gosnell Hall
Building Number 8
Abbreviation GOS
Zone E-6

Thomas Gosnell Hall (formerly Thomas Gosnell Building) is Building 8.

An academic building that houses classrooms, labs and department offices for the College of Science, with undergraduate and graduate programs in mathematics, biology, bioinformatics, physics and medical sciences.


Year Award Organization Notes
1998[1] Design Award Rochester Chapter - American Institute of Architects Given for Center for Excellence in Mathematics Science and Technology and The Bruce and Nora James Atrium of the Gosnell Building.

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  1. Plaque in the entryway to Gosnell Hall.