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{{Infobox building
{{Infobox building
|image=[[File:22 POL.jpg|250px]]
|bldgname=Gene Polisseni Center
|bldgname=Gene Polisseni Center

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Gene Polisseni Center
22 POL.jpg
Name Gene Polisseni Center
Building Number 22
Abbreviation POL
Zone E-6

Gene Polisseni Center (abbreviation: POL) is a 105,000 square feet ice hockey arena located on thr RIT that cost $36 million and will hold 4,500 spectators.[1][2] Construction started with a ground breaking on October 19, 2012[3] during the Brick City Homecoming. The arena opened on September 18, 2014



The initial funding for the Polisseni Center came from J.M. Allain, RIT Alumnus ’03 and President and CEO of Trans-Lux Corp. He made a personal $1 million commitment to the campaign, and Trans-Lux donated two two high definition video boards for the arena.[3]


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