NTID Student Interpreting Association
Abbreviation NSIA
Recognition 2003
President Matt Salerno
Meetings NTID Student Assembly
Email student.interpreting.assoc@gmail.com
Website https://www.facebook.com/NTIDSIA

About Us

The Student Interpreting Association is a resource for all American Sign Language and Interpreting Education majors of the National Technical Institute for the Deaf. We host meetings and events to promote our field and better one another.


To better One another and foster a positive learning environment, and

To provide equal opportunity to any student to better the whole, and

To offer networking through both the interpreting and Deaf communities,

And for these Ends

To offer our skills as individuals and compile them to become a resource for the practice of the whole, and

To unite our student body to maintain better practice during and after our studies, and

To promote the field of interpreting through creating a community within the National Technical Institute for the Deaf,

Have Resolved to Combine our Efforts to Accomplish these Aims.



Years President
2003-2004 Lydia Chambers[1]
2012-2013 Sarah Funke
2013-2014 Vance Deatherage & Kim Persky[1]
2014-2015 Matt Salerno[1]


Years Advisor
2003-2004 Colleen Pouliat[1]
2013-2014 Danny Mafia[1]


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