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Space Time Adventures at RIT - RITpedia
Space-Time Adventures at RIT
Abbreviation STAR
Recognition Fall 2013
Type Special Interest
Meetings Weekly

Space-Time Adventures is RIT's own science fiction club! STAR brings sci-fi enthusiasts together to share and enjoy franchises such as Doctor Who, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, Firefly, Hitchhiker's Guide, Futurama, and more through club meetings, screenings, and other events. STAR runs weekly missions featuring a wide variety of sci-fi discussions and activities, as well as outings to sci-fi movie releases and activities and panels at other major events.

Major Events

Bridge Crew

Academic Year Admiral Captain First Officer Operations Officer Communications Officer Engineer
2015-2016 Thomas Stone Justin Rueb Taylor Braun Jeanette Schramm Ryan Morgenlander Joseph Porsella
2014-2015 Thomas Stone Derek Witt Alexandre Froio Jeanette Schramm Zachary Yaro Joseph Porsella
2013-2014 Thomas Stone Taylor Braun Justin Rueb Jeanette Schramm Derek Witt Zachary Yaro