Reporter is a monthly magazine and online publication at RIT.[1].

About Us

Reporter Magazine is a 32 page, full-color, magazine published monthly during the academic and daily online year by students of the Rochester Institute of Technology.


"It is the mission of Reporter to put forth content for the RIT community that is informative, innovative and enjoyable. It is our mission to inspire the RIT students, faculty, staff and alumni to explore and learn about our community. Reporter’s mission is to provide a learning environment for each of our employees where they can both enjoy and take pride in the work that they do. We provide peer level perspectives in a publication while remaining editorially independent. Together as one, the Reporter staff delivers a publication that we are proud to put our name on."[2]


In October of 2011, The Associated Collegiate Press awarded Reporter Magazine with a Magazine Pacemaker Award[3].


Alyssa Jackson 2014 - Present
Michelle Spoto 2013 - 2014
Amber Wilson-Daeschlein 2013 - 2013
Alex Rogala 2012 - 2013
James Arn 2011 - 2012
Alex Rogala 2011 - 2011
Madeleine Villavicencio 2010 - 2011
Andrew Rees 2009 - 2010
Laura Mandanas 2008 - 2009
Jennifer Loomis 2007 - 2008
Casey Dehlinger 2006 - 2007
Erhardt Graeff 2005 - 2006
Ren Meinhart 2004 - 2005

Student Government Representative

Years Representative
2003-2004[4] Becky Ruby
2004-2005[5] Erhardt Graeff


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