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Red Barn - RITpedia
Red Barn
80 RED.jpg
Name Red Barn
Building Number 80
Abbreviation RED
Zone B-6
Hours Monday-Friday 5-10 PM
Saturday-Sunday 1-6 PM
RedBarn Exterior.jpg

The Red Barn is a recreational facility at RIT on the west end of the campus. It is home to Interactive Adventures, and is primarily composed of rock climbing and bouldering facilities.

It consists of two levels. The top level has a toprope wall and a top-out boulder, while the bottom level has three caves with a fully padded floor. The top floor closes during the winter.

Rock climbing

The Red Barn's 5,000 square feet (460 m2) of climbing surface[1] is spread across a toprope wall and a top-out boulder on the first floor, and three bouldering caves in the basement. The walls' holds are regularly rearranged to create new problems.

Though the Red Barn is part of the Rochester Institute of Technology Center for Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation department, its climbing facilities are open to the public on a limited basis, with memberships and day passes offered. Climbing shoes are also available for rent.


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Pricing and Rates

RIT memberships are just $40 for the semester and $4 for a one time visit. If you need shoe rentals, they will be an additional $3. RIT ID is needed to get RIT rates. A I.D. is required to climb if not an RIT student.

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