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RITpedia:Style Guide - RITpedia

The RITpedia Style Guide is the set of generally conventions for formatting that RITpedia editors should try to follow, whenever possible.

As a guideline, following the style guide is not mandatory, but is encouraged.

General principles

There are three general style principles:


As RITpedia is a project located in the United States of America with editors and viewers being predominantly speakers of American English, editors should try to write articles in American English to the best of their abilities.

Internal consistency

Formatting and style decisions should be consistent within a RITpedia article, even if they are not always consistent around RITpedia as a whole. Internal style consistency in an article makes the article easier to read and promotes cohesion.


Paragraphs should be clear and concise. Editors should use plain english whenever possible and avoid jargon unless it is necessary. If an editor must use jargon, he or she should use interwiki links so a non-technical person can easily look up the definition.



RITpedia articles should not reflect an editor's own experiences. Therefore, the first-person pronouns I and we should not be used except in a quote.


Usage of you is personal and goes against the general tone the RITpedia community wants to have as a guide to RIT. Instead, editors should refer to the subject by name or in the passive voice.

Gender-neutral language

In most cases, gender-neutral language should be used. A spokesperson should be referred to as a spokesperson, not as a spokesman or spokeswoman.

The only exceptions are when the reference is a proper noun, such the a title of a position, literary work, etc. (Chairman of the Board of Trustees) or where the referred-to group is entirely of one gender (When a member of the team is mean to another, she is benched for the next game.)