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RITpedia:Policies and guidelines - RITpedia

RITpedia is not like other student groups. We do not have a constitution, bylaws or standing rules because we strive to make decisions through the wiki itself rather than in person.

Instead, we have a series of principles and policies that govern content and our operating rules. The three groups of these are: core principles, policies and guidelines.

These policies do not override or supersede Institute Level Policies or Student Government Bylaws

For questions, or for more information feel free to stop by the SG Office, message a site admin, or email or

Core principles

Core principles are the closest thing RITpedia has to a constitution. Our core principles are the central, overriding principles that govern everything we do. Core principles specify the fundamental principles that shape our other policies and guidelines.

The four core principles are:

  • Make decisions by consensus.
  • When creating and modifying content, do so without bias.
  • When dealing with other editors, assume good faith unless there is good reason to assume otherwise.
  • If any policy or guideline prevents you from improving or maintaining RITpedia, ignore it.


Policies are, in effect, RITpedia's bylaws. They are additional rules enacted by consensus that all editors must follow and all content must adhere to.


Guidelines are common conventions developed by consensus that editors should follow and content should ideally adhere to. While they are not strictly binding, it is generally preferred that editors adhere to them for the benefit of the project.

  • Content should be well written, and factual.
    • Content that is currently a draft should be marked as such.
    • New pages should be marked as a Stub so they can be found easier.
  • Every attempt should be made to cite information.

Content Licenses

Content Creator

By submitting content to RITpedia, you are agreeing that the content you submit will be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 license, with SG being the license holder. Due to the nature of a wiki, and the fact that various authors might have written parts of the same text, you are agreeing that Student Government is the copyright holder for all content on this wiki. You can view information about this license here. There are no exceptions to this rule.

You are also agreeing that any content submitted is not under an external license. The exception to this is images and multimedia content. If an image is under license that is not compatible with the Creative Commons, or is copyrighted, this information must be clearly displayed along side the image or multimedia content.

Violators of these rule will be subject to a ban from the site, and/or referral to the Student Conduct Office

Content User

All content on this site, with the possible exception of multimedia content as defined above, is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 license. Which means that content on this site can not be used for commercial purposes, unless an exemption has been granted at the sole discretion of the RIT Student Government. If an exception has been granted, proper citation is required. Any exemption request should be directed towards the Services department.

Creative Commons Exemptions

An exemption will only be made if SG Senate passes a resolution to allow for an exemption. In the case an exemption has been made, allowing for a part of RITpedia to be used in a commercial work, any monetary compensation will be directed into back into Student Affairs funds for student use.

DMCA Notices

In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), an agent has been designated to receive notification of a claimed copyright infringement for the Rochester Institute of Technology domain ( Please contact Jason Elston, Director of Support:

Jason Elston
103-7B Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester, NY 14623-5608
voice: 585-475-2914
fax: 585-475-7884

Make sure to reference RITPedia and Student Government