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* Only contribute content that is within our [[RITpedia:Scope|scope]].
* Only contribute content that is within our [[RITpedia:Scope|scope]].
* Follow our [[RITpedia:Accounts|accounts policy]].
* Follow our [[RITpedia:Accounts|accounts policy]].
* Pay attention to [[RITpedia:Intellectual property|intellectual property]] issues.

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RITpedia is not like other student groups. We do not have a constitution, bylaws or standing rules because we strive to make decisions through the wiki itself rather than in person.

Instead, we have a series of principles and policies that govern content and our operating rules. The three groups of these are: core principles, policies and guidelines.

Core principles

Core principles are the closest thing RITpedia has to a constitution. Our core principles are the central, overriding principles that govern everything we do. Core principles specify the fundamental principles that shape our other policies and guidelines.

The four core principles are:

  • Make decisions by consensus.
  • When creating and modifying content, do so without bias.
  • When dealing with other editors, assume good faith unless there is good reason to assume otherwise.
  • If any policy or guideline prevents you from improving or maintaining RITpedia, ignore it.


Policies are, in effect, RITpedia's bylaws. They are additional rules enacted by consensus that all editors must follow and all content must adhere to.


Guidelines are common conventions developed by consensus that editors should follow and content should ideally adhere to. While they are not strictly binding, it is generally preferred that editors adhere to them for the benefit of the project.