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RITpedia:Permissions - RITpedia

In the current stages of the wiki's development, permissions will only be assigned on an as-needed basis. Committee members will all have Administrator status; some committee members will additionally have Bureaucrat and Oversighter status.

Permissions Descriptions


  • May move root user pages
  • May protect/unprotect pages and edit protected pages
  • May delete/undelete pages and view the history of deleted pages
  • May 'rollback' multiple edits from the same user on a page.
  • Are not subject to rate limiting
  • May block other users from editing
  • May create local usernames for alumni and former faculty and staff members


  • May assign administrator privileges to other users


  • May permanently hide revisions of pages from view


  • May modify the database directly
  • May log in to the shell of the machine the site is stored on
  • May transfer files on to/off from the server via FTP

Current Permissions Assignments