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RITpedia:Alumni accounts - RITpedia

Often, alumni find they want to edit RITpedia, either because they love their alma mater or just because they want to add new information. Unfortunately, to log into RITpedia, the editor would normally need an active RIT username, and RIT usernames expire a year after graduation.

In order to sidestep this issue, RITpedia will create alumni accounts locally in our database for any former student or faculty member that can furnish any proof of their prior affiliation with the university. Only alumni and former staff and faculty may receive alumni accounts, current students and employees may not.


In order to receive an alumni account, email one of the bureaucrats with the following information:

  • Full name (First, Middle and Last)
  • A temporary password (which you can change after the account is created)
  • Any evidence you can present of your former affiliation with RIT. (Scans of your RIT ID, a scan of your diploma, students or professors currently at RIT who know you, etc.)

The bureaucrat will be responsible for verifying the authenticity of the evidence presented and, if it is determined valid, creating the account appropriately.

Naming conventions

In order to ensure that username collisions do not occur when and if Information Technology Services reassigns a username to a new person, RITpedia will not issue usernames that fall into the convention used by ITS.

However, in order to avoid creating a preferred class of vanity names for alumni and former staff and faculty, RITpedia alumni accounts must resemble (but be incompatible with) actual RIT accounts.

To this end, alumni accounts adhere to the following convention:

  • The first three letters will be the user's three initials, all upper case.
  • If the user does not have a middle name, the middle name will be replaced with an "X".
  • After the three initials there is a dash.
  • After the dash, there is the letter "A", signifying alumni.
  • After the "A" there is a unique, incremental three-digit number.

For example:

  • An alumna named Christine Theresa Robinson who was the first to request an account with the initials CRT would be "CRT-A001"
  • A former staff member named John Merck (no middle name) who was the fifth with the initials JM would be JXM-A005.
  • A former professor named Rebecca Marie Grossman who was the second with the initials RMG would be RMG-A002.


The RITpedia community does not intend this policy to be a permanent method of addressing this ongoing technical problem. If you have any suggestions on ways to better address the issue of alumni and former faculty/staff involvement, please post on this article's talk page.