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RITpedia - RITpedia
Motto Edit us.
Recognition 2009
Type Student Government Service
Leader ROOT
Advisor Tech Committee

RITpedia is a collaborative project to create a comprehensive guide to the Rochester Institute of Technology and all entities associated with it. Its name is a portmanteau of RIT with the "encyclopedia", similar to Wikipedia. All of RITpedia's articles are written by members of the RIT community in a collaborative fashion.


RITpedia started as a project in the First-Year Enrichment department called Tiger Bytes. The original concept was a student-organized guide to RIT to promote school spirit. The initial student committee consisted of one of FYE's grad assistants and three Peer Mentors. The committee proposed the idea of building a wiki, which was approved by the department. Tentatively, the project was called RitWiki.

The team sought recognition and support from the Innovation Center and was approved by Dr. Ian Gatley. However, because of the conflicting name with RIT Wiki, Dr. Gatley asked the group to develop a unique name. RITpedia was the option selected by the committee members.

After 2014, the service was transfered to Student Government. It is run by the SG Services department; advised by the Tech Committee.



RITpedia is currently run by the Student Government Services Department. The department is advised by the SG Tech Committee.

Current Software and platform

RITpedia, in its current version is running the latest branch of MediaWiki (1.23.5 as of writing this). The site is powered by PHP 5.6, Nginx, and PHP-FPM. The operating system is Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.

Previous Platform

RITpedia used MediaWiki, a PHP-based wiki engine utilizing a MySQL database. When the project was first started, it was hosted on the Web Environment.


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