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RIT Space Exploration Research Group


The group was originally founded by a few student members of the Kate Gleason College of Engineering during the Spring Semester of AY 2013-2014. Over time, and after a few initial meetings that semester, a list of students was grown to nearly twenty heading into the first summer.

During the Fall Semester of 2014-2015, the total number of the group and mailing list grew to 60+ members. A website was created, the organization was established and the group set out to complete the CubeSat Launch Initiative by the end of that Call For Proposals.

First CSLI Proposal

The group formed around a basic flat organizational structure, with student members for each subsystem (Mission/Science, Structures/Thermals, Avionics, Attitude Determination and Controls System, Communications and Power) as well as student groups for DataSec (Data Security), Legal, and Proposal Writing.

The proposed CubeSat was called LUX, the Laser Uplink Experiment