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RIT Croatia - RITpedia

RIT Croatia is a university offering RIT degrees on two Croatian campuses, Zagreb and Dubrovnik. RIT Croatia, like all of RIT's international efforts, is facilitated through the Global Development Corporation.

RIT Croatia enrolls about 600 students between its two campuses. Academic programs offered are Hospitality and Service Management in Dubrovnik, International Business in Zagreb and Information Technology on both campuses. Additionally, there is a Master of Science program offered in Service Leadership and Innovation at the Zagreb campus.


ACMT Founding

RIT Croatia started as the American College of Management and Technology (ACMT) in 1995. At the time, Croatia was emerging from its war of independence from Yugoslavia. RIT was selected as a partner for establishing one of the first private institutions of higher education in Croatia. By 1997, Croatia's Ministry of Science and Education signed an agreement with RIT to provide dual degrees through ACMT: an American degree from RIT and a Croatian degree from ACMT.

By 2001, the first class of students was granted degrees from ACMT. The first program offered was Hospitality and Service Management.

Zagreb Opening

The Zagreb campus was opened in 2011 to support new offerings in Information Technology and International Business. Zagreb is the capital of Croatia.

Name Change

The American College of Management Technology officially changed its name to RIT Croatia in 2013. At that time, the Zagreb campus moved to a new location in a business park, offering room for the campus to grow as needed. In 2015, a fitness center was opened in the Zagreb campus


RIT Croatia offers American degrees from RIT. As part of that, Croatian campuses teach all classes in English and require that all official business is carried out in English.

RIT Croatia offers the following degrees:

  • Hospitality and Service Management
  • Information Technology
  • International Business
  • Masters in Service Leadership and Innovation

Courses are offered primarily in traditional classrooms. Some courses are taught on one campus with students participating via telepresence on the othered.

Student Life

There are significant differences in the roles colleges play in the United States and in Europe. Additionally, RIT Croatia and Dubrovnik are both located in urban areas, unlike the RIT campus in Rochester which is isolated from the surrounding community. As a result, there are significant differences between student life at the Rochester and Zagreb campuses.

RIT Croatia is a commuter campus with no University-provided housing. There are no dining locations or venues operated by RIT Croatia. Instead, events are held in local bars.

Unlike RIT in Rochester, there are no professional college athletic teams in RIT Croatia.