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Proof of Purchase (also known as RITPoP or PoP) is RIT's first and only co-ed a cappella group. They perform mainly contemporary a cappella.


PoP was founded in the spring of 2009 by Rachel Rood, a member of Encore, and Craig Martek, a member of Surround Sound, who were frustrated with the lack of a mixed a cappella group on campus. Many PoP members are also involved in one of the other a cappella groups on campus.

Current Members

RIT's Proof of Purchase

Soprano 1

  • Kalyet Chir-Chir Blackwood
  • Daniella Fanara

Soprano 2

  • Rachel Rood - Music Director
  • Jennifer Smith

Alto 1

  • Jackie Janis
  • Beth Wobbe

Alto 2

  • Ellie Sanford
  • Katie Hopwood


  • Shaun Paduano
  • Craig Martek - Business Manager
  • Jon Brennan


  • Eric Irish
  • Mark Oswald
  • Max Lewin


  • Paul Whitmire
  • Greg Roeth

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