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PawPrints - RITpedia
The PawPrint's logo

PawPrints is a petition website launched by Student Government in fall 2014. The purpose of PawPrints is to allow students to raise important issues and receive an official response from Student Government or the RIT administration.


PawPrints was first conceived as part of Ashley & Tyler's campaign for President & Vice President of Student Government in the spring of 2014. PawPrints was the second new open source website created by the Student Government Services team in the fall of 2014. The software that powers PawPrints is available on [GitHub] and is written in meteor with a MongoDB database.


The idea of PawPrints was first conceived during the 2013-2014 school year, based off of the WhiteHouse's We the People petition site.

Development of the PawPrints software and concept was accelerated when Ashley Carrington, the president of Student Government for the 2014-2015 school year, made a petition service part of her campaign promise. Development of the petition software was initially started as an open source project in the summer of 2014. By mid September, the site was ready to launch to the RIT community.

Initial Response

The initial response to PawPrints was very strong. To start with, Student Government estimated that petitions should require a minimum of 50 signatures to be recognized. Due to exceptional response to the service, Student Government needed to raise the limit to 200 signatures, in order to reduce the flood of petitions that reached the threshold.