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Park Point at RIT - RITpedia
Housing at the south end of Park Point

Park Point at RIT (originally "College Town") is a commercial enterprise on the corner of RIT.


Park Point at RIT was opened for new tenants and business in the "Simone Square" area during the 2008-2009 year of classes at RIT.


The village setting of the apartment complexes boasts a large Barnes & Noble store, Wok with You, Paradiso Pizza, M&T Bank, Abbot's Frozen Custard, Lovin' Cup, TC Riley's Irish Pub, and more. There was once a Gallery Salon Too, which closed down due to lack of business Wilmorite had suggested there would be due to the large number of college students. King David's Mediterranean restaurant also recently closed, for the same reason.



While the website for Park Point does not list cost of apartments, contacting them you will find that they typically range from just under $700/month per person (for a 5-person apartment) to over $1000/month for a studio apartment above Simone Square. Due to a decrease in recurring tenants, Park Point offers enticing offers to those who decide to renew or get a friend to sign a lease, such as a small price off the monthly rent.

In-apartment conveniences

Apartments offer over-under washers and dryers, a full kitchen with cabinets, full AC/heating control for the apartment, a single wired phone, satellite TV, internet, and more.


Park Point offers several grassy areas for playing catch, frisbee, grilling, and more. Tenants are not allowed to keep anything on the lawns overnight without permission unless it fits on top of the concrete patio (for first-floor tenants in the 600 and 700 buildings). Grass is mowed often, usually during sleeping hours. Outdoor sprinklers turn on at random, spraying pedestrians on the sidewalks and those riding bicycles.


Park Point is home to many types of wildlife due to its proximity to swampland and woods. Deer, ducks, Canadian geese, and many species of birds can be seen around the premises. Sidewalks are often messy due to geese droppings, which may explain why the sprinklers wash that area more than they water the grass.

Social aspects of living

Park Point is home to some of RIT's better-known parties, due to RIT's campus being very restrictive on alcohol and Park Point security having a lackadaisical attitude on the subject. If you're not 21 and able to drink at Lovin' Cup and TC Rileys, there are almost always parties from Wednesday through Sunday nights throughout tenants' apartments, if you know them. It is not customary to show up and ask to get in, this may cause someone to call security, who will reluctantly break up the party because they would rather be drinking as well.

Park Point held a "women's fitness" event type day, which involved somewhat aerobic and cardio activities like belly dancing and whatnot. Weeks of promotion were able to get roughly 6 people to attend. Park Point is also offering "movie on the lawn" night every week during the summer, which promises a big screen and speakers playing movies recently released on DVD aimed at college students.

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