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{{Infobox building
{{Infobox building
|image=[[File:43 NRH.jpg|250px]]
|bldgname=Nathaniel Rochester Hall
|bldgname=Nathaniel Rochester Hall

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Nathaniel Rochester Hall
43 NRH.jpg
Name Nathaniel Rochester Hall
Building Number 43
Abbreviation NRH
Zone H-5

Nathaniel Rochester Hall (abbreviation: NRH) is a residence hall. It is Building 43. It is also home to the Corner Store as well as the post office. It has nine floors in total (including the basement).

There are several special interest houses in NRH:

Floor Special Interest house
Basement Corner Store, Post office
1 ITS ResNet, ResLife area office for NRFSHG
3 Computer Science House
4 Photo House
8 Engineering House

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