NTID Award is a committee which is heavily focused on the annual awards for annual event. This event is hosted by the NTID Student Congress (NSC). The NTID Award committee is selected by the NTID Student Assembly through a nomination process. Without the NTID Award Committee, the NTID Banquet or Award Ceremony would not be possible.


The purpose of the NTID Award is to recognize students, faculty, staff, and organizations that have exhibited outstanding service within the NTID and RIT community.


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Year Chairperson
2010-2011 Heath Focken
2011-2012 Brittany Stanton
2012-2013 Rachella Shephard
2013-2014 Kyle Pucket
2014-2015 Reena Banerjee & Connor Walter

Named the Awards After Remarkable People

Dawan Albritton

Dawan L. Albritton Humanitarian Award for Student

Dawan Albritton, Rochester School for the Deaf graduate and Rochester, New York, native, was studying applied accounting. He dreamed to set up his own business. He wanted to be his own boss and has more responsibilities and challenges. He mentioned that it makes life interesting. Dawan was serving as treasurer for his fraternity Kappa Phi Theta, in preparation for his future. He managed the fraternity's budget and kept the balance sheets. In addition to making career plans early, Dawan also set an example for his siblings as a proponent of communication access. He taught his younger brother and sister, who are hearing, sign language, which they in turn used to communicate with deaf peers in their own schools. Dawan Albritton was killed by a hit-and-run driver in Rochester, New York, February 12, 1999. In memory of Dawan Albritton whose life as a student at NTID touched many people, this award was established in 1999. It is presented to students who embrace the spirit of NTID with their commitment to education, meeting the challenges of the student experience with tenacity and sharing their lives unselfishly with kindness and a warm smile.[1]

Eleanor "Ellie" Rosenfield

Ellie Rosenfield Outstanding Community Service Award

In memory of Eleanor "Ellie" Rosenfield whose life as a great ambassador for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. She served as a Associate Dean for Student and Academic Services at Rochester Institute of Technology's National Technical Institute for the Deaf. She passed away on Sunday afternoon (March 7th, 2010) in her Brighton home after a two-year battle with lymphoma. She was 57. A native of Shaker Heights, Ohio, Dr. Rosenfield graduated from The Ohio State University. She received a master's degree in student development from Indiana University and her doctorate in education from the University of Rochester. She came to NTID in the early 1970s and held a variety of positions focusing on students, including Residence Life and Academic Affairs. She first worked at RIT as a residence director and was assigned to a dormitory that had a large number of deaf and hard-of-hearing students. As a hearing person, she knew no sign language at the time, but quickly learned. Eventually she signed so well, she became a member of NTID's Sign Language Proficiency Interview rating team. If students struggled in school - either academically or socially - they often met with Dr. Rosenfield, who talked with them about their futures and consequences of hard work, or lack of hard work. If there was an educational opportunity for students, she found scholarships or grants to enable them to attend conferences they otherwise would not be able to attend. To honor her dedication, this award was established on May 2010.[2]

Milo E. Bishop Award for Outstanding NSA Commitment

Dr. D. Robert Frisina

Robert Frisina's Past NSC President's Award

Without Dr. D. Robert Frisina there would be no NTID. No one in the history of this college has worked in such a selfless manner for deaf and hard-of-hearing students. He is a true innovator in every sense of the word, and to hear him tell the story of "life in the trenches" as he worked to get this building up and running, to get materials in the building and faculty in place and students in chairs― is nothing short of inspirational. The university and the Rochester area, as well as thousands of deaf and hard-of-hearing graduates and current students, owe so much to Dr. Frisina and his innovative vision of what he called "The Grand Experiment." As RIT Trustee Arthur L. Stern stated, "Few leaders anywhere in the nation could have matched Dr. Frisina's dynamic leadership in charting the course for the National Technical Institute for the Deaf." Dr. Frisina was a visionary who saw NTID as one of RIT's colleges, but also recognized it as a national institution. He recognized how important it would be to make connections with the Federal government, and blazed a trail of good relations that has continued for more than 40 years.

Award Categories

Award Name Year Award Purpose
Biggest Jump Student 2014-Present Individual who has improved his/her qualities; who demonstrated their willingness to change positively.

(Two awards: one male, one female)

Dawan L. Albritton Humanitarian Award for Student 1999-Present Individual who showed interest in or concern for the welfare of others; who empowered and inspired the students.

(Two awards: one male, one female)

Ellie Rosenfield Outstanding Community Service 2010-Present Awarded to a single student whose dedication and commitment to serving others has been exceptional.
Humanitarian Award for Staff Individual who shows interest in or concern for the welfare of others; who inspires and cares; who makes a difference in the community.

(Two awards: one male, one female)

Milo E. Bishop Award for Outstanding NSA Commitment Organization that showed excellent effort in representing their group and was actively involved in the NTID Student Assembly.

(this award will be determined by NSA executive board)

Mr. & Ms. NTID Individual who made a difference in the community as a whole.

(Two Awards: one male, one female)

NTID Student Congress Outstanding Organization An organization that contributed their time to the NTID community and strengthened the overall awareness of diverse clubs in the deaf community, hosted various events to maintain strong connections between diverse people in the deaf community.

(Two awards: one Greek organization, one Deaf Student organization)

Outstanding Advocate Individual who supported a cause or causes, and cooperated with other members of the community to promote unity and action towards a specific cause.
Outstanding First Year Student 2006-2007; 2015-Present An individual who devoted his/her time in community activities during the first year.
Outstanding Graduating Student Individual who devoted his/her time in community activities for the past few years.

(Two awards: one male, one female)

Alice Beardsley Outstanding Interpreting 2015-Present Individual who best exemplified the role of a professional interpreter and performed their duties with passion and enthusiasm.
Outstanding Interpreting Student 1981-Present Individual from Interpreting Training Program who contributed their duties with passion and enthusiasm.
Outstanding Leadership Individual who led and who followed; brought out the skills in others so that they may become leaders as well.
Outstanding Organization Community Service Organization that contributed to the NTID/RIT community, as well as the larger Rochester community, and devoted their time to make a difference in the lives of other.

The NTID Awards Committee sometimes made an exceptional addition to the award list. This list of the awards do not become official awards on NTID Student Congress By-Laws: NTID Awards Guideline.

Award Name Start Year Award Purpose
Outstanding Dedication and Service to NSA 2010-2011 An individual who is a NTID Student Assembly officer and his/her dedication and commitment to the NTID Student Assembly.

This award list in italic means an award is discontinued.

Award Name Year Award Purpose Individual's Background
Alice Beardsley Student Interpreter Award Item Found in 1985
Alice Beardsley Professional Interpreter Award Item Found in 1985
Debbye Byrne’s Most Improved Student 1998-2013 Individual who has improved his/her qualities; who demonstrated their willingness to change positively.

(Two awards: one male, one female)

Byrne is the only female president of NTID Student Congress to serve two consecutive terms (1997-1998 and 1998–1999). She notes it was probably the worst and the best years of her life. Byrne always tell people that she graduated with a NSC degree, not her college degree. It was then that she discovered her passion for people. She had the ability to bring people together and help make proactive decisions to change our community for the better. Her most cherished achievement of all is believing in those who believed in her.
Dr. William Castle Outstanding NSC Cabinet Member Award Item Found in 1985
Miss NTID Pageant ?-1997 A female student who wins the Miss NTID Pageant contest.
NSC Officer/Member of the Year Award
Robert Frisina's Past NSC President Award An award that used to be given out by the RIT Student Government.
Staff Appreciation Award



  • NTID Award Committee must develop a nominating process.
  • The nomination form completed by individuals must include an explanation with a maximum of one paragraph on either hard copy or electronic documentation (not limiting to a video documentation) of why the nominated should win that particular award.


  • Any member on the NTID Award committee shall not nominate any students or staff/faculty for any awards.
  • Any member on the NTID Award committee cannot be nominated or receive any awards.
  • Individuals from the community cannot nominate themselves.

Award Candidates

  • Award candidates must be in good judicial standing.
  • Award candidates must have at least 2.0 cumulative GPA (candidates from the Most Improved Awards may be exempt from the GPA requirement).
  • The candidate's Judicial and GPA standing shall be filtered through the NSA advisor before being seen by the committee.
  • Award candidate can be nominated up to three different categories per academic year.

Award Procedures

  • Nominations will be open eight weeks before the date of the NTID banquet or NTID Award Ceremony.
  • Nominations will be end four weeks before the date of the NTID banquet or NTID Award Ceremony.
  • After the nominations are over, the committee will begin the voting process and be completed two weeks prior to the date of the NTID banquet or NTID Award Ceremony.
  • The advisor and the Committee Chairperson shall be responsible for holding the awards and keep it confidential until the official announcement of the winners.
  • NSC shall be responsible for allocating money to pay for the awards.

Awards ceremonies

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Years Event Name
1972-1973 1st
1973-1974 2nd
1974-1975 3rd
1975-1976 4th
1976-1977 5th
1977-1978 6th
1978-1979 7th
1979-1980 8th
1980-1981 9th
1981-1982 10th
1982-1983 11th
1983-1984 12th
1984-1985 13th NTID Student Congress' 15th Annual Banquet
1985-1986 14th
1986-1987 15th
1987-1988 16th
1988-1989 17th
1989-1990 18th
1990-1991 19th
1991-1992 20th
1992-1993 21th
1993-1994 22th 23th Annual NTID Banquet
1994-1995 23th
1995-1996 24th
1996-1997 25th
1997-1998 26th 27th Annual NTID Awards Ceremony
1998-1999 27th
1999-2000 28th
2000-2001 29th
2001-2002 30th
2002-2003 31th 32th Annual NTID Awards Banquet
2003-2004 32th
2004-2005 33th
2005-2006 34th 35th Annual NTID Banquet
2006-2007 35th 36th Annual NTID Banquet: A Night at the Oscars
2007-2008 36th
2008-2009 37th
2009-2010 38th
2010-2011 39th 40th Annual NTID Awards Ceremony
2011-2012 40th 41th Annual NTID Awards Banquet
2012-2013 41th 42th Annual NTID Banquet: NTID Entertainment of the Night
2013-2014 42th NTID Banquet: Film Noir


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