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Date: Nov 26
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Date: Nov 26.

This is the full list of majors offered by all current RIT academic departments, their nicknames (if applicable), their program code, and their affiliated colleges.

Major Nickname Program Code College
3D Digital Design DDDD CIAS
Accounting ACCT COB
Advertising and Public Relations PR COLA
Advertising Photography PHAP CIAS
Applied Arts and Sciences SOIS
Applied Mathematics MATH COS
Applied Statistics STAT COS
ASL/English Interpretation - BS NITF NTID
Associate Degree Programs for the deaf and hard-of-hearing NITA NTID
Biochemistry SCHB COS
Bioinformatics SBIC COS
Biomedical Photographic Communications JPHB CIAS
Biomedical Engineering BME EBME KGCOE
Biomedical Sciences BMS SSBS COS
Biotechnology SBIT COS
Biotechnology - Bioinformatics Option SBIF COS
Ceramics and Ceramic Sculpture JSCC CIAS
Chemical Engineering ECME KGCOE
Chemistry SCHC COS
Chemistry - Environmental Option SCHW COS
Civil Engineering Technology CVET CAST
Computational Mathematics SMAC COS
Computer Engineering CE CMPE KGCOE
Computer Engineering Technology CET CPET CAST
Computing and Information Technology CIT GCCIS
Computer Security CSEC GCCIS
Computer Science CS CSCI GCCIS
Computing Exploration CINT GCCIS
Criminal Justice GCJC COLA
Cultural Resource Studies GCRS COLA
Diagnostic Medical Sonography - BS SCLS COS
Diagnostic Medical Sonography - Certificate SCLT COS
Digital Cinema JPHF CIAS
Economics GECN COLA
Electrical/Mechanical Engineering Technology (freshman applicants) EMET CAST
Electrical/Mechanical Engineering Technology (transfer applicants) EMET CAST
Electrical Engineering EE EEEE KGCOE
Electrical Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Option EEEM KGCOE
Electrical Engineering - Clean and Renewable Energy Option EEES KGCOE
Electrical Engineering - Computer Engineering Option EEEC KGCOE
Electrical Engineering - Robotics Option EEER KGCOE
Electrical Engineering Technology EET EEET CAST
Engineering Exploration EENG KGCOE
Environmental Science ES SBIV COS
Environmental Sustainability, Health, and Safety IEME CAST
Film/Video/Animation JPHQ CIAS
Finance BBUF COB
Fine Art Photography JPHA CIAS
Fine Arts Studio JADF CIAS
Game Design and Development GDD VIGD GCCIS
General Science Exploration SSEG COS
Glass and Glass Sculpture JSCG CIAS
Graphic Design GD JADC CIAS
Hospitality and Tourism Management HSPT CAST
Human-Centered Computing HCC GCCIS
Illustration JADL CIAS
Imaging and Photographic Technology IPT JPHT CIAS
Imaging Science SIMG COS
Industrial Design ID JADU CIAS
Industrial and Systems Engineering IE EIEI KGCOE
Industrial and Systems Engineering - Ergonomics Option EIEE KGCOE
Industrial and Systems Engineering - Manufacturing Option EIEN KGCOE
Industrial and Systems Engineering - Supply Chain Management EIEY KGCOE
Industrial and Systems Engineering - Information Systems EIEK KGCOE
Industrial and Systems Engineering - Lean Six Sigma Option EIEL KGCOE
Interior Design JADI CIAS
International Business IB BBUT COB
International Studies GSSI COLA
Journalism GPTJ COLA
Liberal Arts Exploration GLAU COLA
Management BBUG COB
Management Information Systems MIS BBUI COB
Manufacturing Engineering Technology ITFF CAST
Marketing BBUM COB
Mechanical Engineering ME EMEM KGCOE
Mechanical Engineering - Aerospace Engineering Option EMEA KGCOE
Mechanical Engineering - Automotive Engineering Option EMEV KGCOE
Mechanical Engineering - Bioengineering Engineering Option EMED KGCOE
Mechanical Engineering - Energy and the Environment Option EMEE KGCOE
Mechanical Engineering Technology MET ITFM CAST
Medical Illustration JADM CIAS
Medical Informatics VKSM GCCIS
Metals and Jewelry Design JSCM CIAS
Microelectronic Engineering EMCR COLA
Museum Studies GMUS COLA
Networking and Systems Administration NSA NSSA GCCIS
New Media Design and Imaging NMDI JADW CIAS
New Media Interactive Development NMID VIGN GCCIS
New Media Marketing BREP COB
New Media Publishing JPRW CIAS
Nutrition Management ISMD CAST
Packaging Science PACK CAST
Philosophy GPIL COLA
Photojournalism JPHR CIAS
Physician Assistant PA SCLP COS
Physics SPSP COS
Political Science GPLS COLA
Polymer Chemistry SCHM COS
Predentistry Studies SPDT COS
Pre-Law Studies GPLW COLA
Premedical Studies SPMD COS
Preveterinary Studies SPVT COS
Professional and Technical Communication GPTC COLA
Psychology GPSY COLA
Public Policy GPPD COLA
Safety Technology IEMS CAST
Software Engineering SE SWEN GCCIS
Telecommunications Engineering Technology TCET CAST
Undeclared Art/Design JADA CIAS
Undeclared Crafts JSCU CIAS
Undeclared Engineering Technology UDET ENGT CAST
Undeclared Hospitality and Service Management ISMU CAST
University Studies WUSP Multidisciplinary
Urban and Community Studies GUCS COLA
Web and Mobile Computing WMC GCCIS
Woodworking and Furniture Design JSCW CIAS
Woodworking - AOS JSCA CIAS



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