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List of buildings - RITpedia

List of buildings is the list of current RIT campus buildings.

Academic buildings

Number Name Floors Purpose
01 George Eastman Building 9 Registrar, President and VP Offices
03 George H. Clark Gymnasium 2 Floor A: SAU Tunnels, athletics offices, locker rooms
Floor 1: Full size gym, practice gym
03 Campus Center 3 Floor A: College Activities Board office, Center for Campus Life office, Reporter office, Global Union office, AALANA Collegiate Association office, meeting rooms
Floor 1: Student Government office, RIT Leadership Institute & Community Service Center office, Information Desk, Women's Center office, Club Resource Center
Floor 2: First Year Enrichment main office, Orientation office, OCASA office, meeting rooms
05 The Wallace Center 5 IDS, Circulation, Reference desk, Wallace Library, Java Wally's, Education Technology Center, Online Learning
07A James E. Booth Fine Arts Building 5
07B Frank E. Gannett Building 6
08 Gosnell Building 6
09 James E. Gleason Building 5
10 Lewis P. Ross Building 3
12 Max Lowenthal Building 3
14 Hugh Carey Building 2
16 Schmitt Interfaith Center 2
23 Hale-Andrews Student Life Center 3
23A August Center 3
25 Grace Watson Hall 3
55 Student Development Center 3
60 Lyndon Baines Johnson Building 4
70 Golisano College of Computing & Information Sciences (building) 3
76 Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science 5
77 Bausch & Lomb Center 3
78 Louise Slaughter Center for Integrated Manufacturing Study 3
87 University Services Center 3

Residential buildings

Number Name Floors Purpose
27/29 Frances Baker Hall 3 Floor A: Residential tunnels, Residence Halls Association (RHA) office
Floors 1-2: Residence halls
28 Building 28
31/33/37 Eugene Colby Hall 4 Floor A: Residential tunnels, Hillel House, International House lounge
Floors 1-3: Residence halls
30 Building 30
32 Building 32
35 Kate Gleason Hall 10 Floor A: Residential tunnels, laundry, meeting room
Floor 1: ResLife main office and BCG90 area office
Floors 2-7: Residence halls
Floors 8-9: Clock tower and utilities
39/41 Helen Fish Hall 5 Floor A: Residential Tunnels
Floors 1-4: Residence halls
43 Nathaniel Rochester Hall 10 Floor A: Residential tunnels, laundry, Post office, Corner Store
Floor 1: ResNet, NRH Computer Lab, ResLife NRFSHG area office, meeting room
Floors 2-8: Residence halls
Floor 9: Utilities
47 Sol Heumann Hall 11 Floor A: Residential tunnels, laundry, Sol's Underground
Floor 1: Sol activity rooms
Floors 2-9: Residence halls
Floor 10: Utilities
49 Carlton Gibson Hall 6 Floor A: Residential tunnels, laundry, RITchie's
Floors 1-5: Residence halls
50A Mark Ellingson Hall 14 Floor A: Residential tunnels
Floor 1: ResLife EPB area office
Floors 2-12: Residence halls
Floor 13: Utilities
50B Peter Peterson Hall 4 Floor A: Residential tunnels, laundry
50C Alexander Graham Bell Hall 3 Floor A: Residential tunnels