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Lambda Alpha Upsilon
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Chapter Beta
Recognition April 17, 1993
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Latino America Unida, Lambda Alpha Upsilon Fraternity Incorporated (abbreviation: LAU) is an affiliate of the Global Union and a Latino-oriented fraternity. For over 20 years, the Beta Chapter has maintained an essential presence at the Rochester Institute of Technology and the Rochester community by sponsoring a wide variety of educational, philanthropic, and entertaining events on the campus of the Rochester Institute of technology.

National Website:

National History

Lambda Alpha Upsilon Fraternity was founded on December 10th, 1985 at the University at Buffalo when sixteen men formed a support group to provide a social and cultural outlet for students of Latin American descent. The university’s Greek system lacked an organization dedicated to the needs of the Latino community. To meet those needs, the group chose to pursue recognition as the first Latino-oriented Greek-letter organization on campus. The founding fathers represented various ethnic backgrounds, demonstrating the diversity of the Latin American community. The unity realized by these men became the foundation upon which the fraternity was established. The interest group searched for a reputable organization with which to affiliate, however, did not find one to suit its needs. They then decided to create a unique fraternity, with its own principles and philosophies. The founding fathers knew that strength of character, and a common purpose are the foundation of successful institutions. This lead them to create a fraternity based upon the principles of brotherhood, scholarship and service to the community. The founding fathers developed a set of goals, known as the Metas, based upon said principles. The Metas were meant to be guidelines to direct how the fraternity serves its community, and how Hermanos are to conduct themselves. The Rituals were designed to instill upon candidates the values, principles, and purpose of the brotherhood. Symbols were chosen to represent the strength and character of the fraternity. Moreover, the founding fathers were laying the foundation for the future of the fraternity, as it expanded to other Colleges and Universities. As Lambda Alpha Upsilon continues to develop, it has maintained its principles and purpose, for these are what distinguish the brotherhood and guide its members through their personal and professional endeavors. All these things can be combined to express one common belief. No matter what obstacles or difficulties stand in our way; “¡Venceremos Porque Nacimos Para Triunfar!” (We will overcome because we were born to triumph!) We are all given the opportunity to live a significant life and as such, it is our responsibility to leave our mark on society.

Chapter History

The Beta chapter was chartered on April 17, 1993. Five outstanding students a the Rochester Institute of technology came together and through their hard work and dedication founded a new and unique brotherhood on their campus. This brotherhood has remained strong and continued to carry out the metas of the fraternity through community service, educational and entertaining events for over 20 years on the RIT campus.

Metas (Goals)

Lambda Alpha Upsilon Fraternity, Inc. was founded upon the principles of brotherhood, scholarship and community Service. These principles are the guidelines by which we support the Latino community. They are expressed in our Metas or goals, which are the following:

1. To unite the Latino community. 2. To provide a strong and solid base for Latino culture. 3. To support each other personally and academically. 4. To establish a network of professionals. 5. To expand our brotherhood to an international level. 6. To ensure that the numbers of Latinos in education is ever increasing. 7. To enrich our environment with Latino pride and spirit.

Lambda Alpha Upsilon sincerely believes that high standards, strength of character, and a common vision promote the success of the brotherhood. We must carry out our personal and professional lives in constant pursuit of the realization of our Metas. It is our Metas that provide the path to the top of the mountain as we continue to excel in every field of human endeavor. “Venceremos Porque Nacimos Para Triunfar!”

RIT Achievements

1993-1999 Accomplishments

First Latino-Oriented Greek Lettered Organization to become recognized by the Greek Council at the Rochester Institute of Technology - May 10, 1994

First Latino-Oriented Greek Lettered Organization to be recognized by the National Pan Hellenic Council (NPHC) at Rochester Institute of Technology. The Beta Chapter was honored to enhance the diversity of RIT's Greek system.

L.A.C.A.S. (Currently Called the Latino/Latina - Latin American Liberal Arts Concentration) Latin American and Caribbean Area Studies Concentration - January, 1995 The Beta Chapter petitioned the College of Liberal Arts to establish a concentration in the field of Latin American and Caribbean studies. The college had no such concentration in all its years and the Beta Chapter felt it necessary for the college to educate RIT's students on all aspects of Latino culture. The Hermanos united themselves with the Latin American Student Association (L.A.S.A,), the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (S.H.P.E.), and the Latino community of Rochester to petition the institute to establish the concentration.

Recognized by the Inter-Fraternal Council (IFC) at Rochester Institute of Technology - 1999

LANA Student Organization of the Year Award - 1997, 1998, 1999 -

LASA Student Organization of the Year Award - 1998, 1999 -

2000-2004 Accomplishments

LASA Greek Organization of the Year Award - 2000 -

Icla D' Silva Bone Marrow Drive - 2000 More than 150 RIT Faculty/students and Staff donated Bone Marrow to the foundation that focuses on children of poor families needing transplants. They put special emphasis on recruiting people from ethnic groups under represented in the Registry, as well as assisting medical agencies in Central and South America by sending them repaired donated medical equipment.

Icla D' Silva Excellent Contribution Award - 2000

Most Honorable Community Service Award Presented by RIT's Greek Council to the Beta Chapter for the Bone Marrow Drive - 2000

Unity House Fraternity of The Year - 2001 -

2005-2014 Accomplishments

RIT's Greek Weekend and Airband Champions 2005

RIT's Community Service Center's Civic Engagement Award - 2005, 2006

LASA Fraternity of the Year Award - 2006

RIT Chapter Excellence in Campus and Community Involvement 2005-2006

RIT Chapter Excellence in Recruitment and Retention 2005-2006, 2007-2008

Finalist for RIT's President's Cup Award for Outstanding Greek Chapter Chapter of the Year Award - 2005, 2006, 2008

RIT's President's Cup Award for Outstanding Greek Chapter Chapter of the Year Award 2006 First Latino Greek organization to win RIT Greek chapter of the year

First RIT New Member Class to have a GPA of 4.0 Xi Pledge Class - Spring 2006

First Latino Greek to initiate Deaf/ Hard of Hearing Hermanos at RIT Omicron Pledge Class - Spring 2007

Most Improved Chapter GPA 2010-2011 RIT Greek Programming Board presents this award to the Beta Chapter to Los Hermanos de Latino America Unida Lambda Alpha Upsilon Fraternity Inc, Beta Chapter.

Global Union Event of the Year 2010-2011 20th Annual Mi Tierra Dance Party

Outstanding Leadership Award 2013-2014 Recognizing the organization most active in on-campus leadership positions

Individual Hermano Accomplishments

First Latino to be elected president of the RIT Student Government Hermano J. Felipe Giraldo - 2000-2001

First Latino to become an RIT Admissions Counselor Hermano Starky Bibb - 2000

First Latino to become Senator of the College of Liberal Arts Hermano Wilfredo Alvarez - 2001-2002

First Senator of the College of Computing and Information Science Hermano Antonio Guerra- 2001-2002

First Latino Greek to become Vice President of the RIT Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC) Hermano Gabriel Dume- 2004

RIT Greek Man of The Year Hermano Mario Cisneros- 2005-2006

Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC) Delegate of the Year Hermano Gabriel Colon- 2005-2006

RIT Greek President of The Year Hermano Gabriel Colon- 2007-2008

RIT Center for Residence Life Howard Ward Commendation for Community Service Hermano Stephen Patterson - 2011

Greek President of The Year Hermano Neftali Morales- 2011-2012

Student Life Award for Outstanding Fraternity and Leadership Award Hermano Neftali Morales- 2011-2012

RIT Global Union Leader of Tomorrow Hermano Ryan Nieves- 2012-2013

Community Service Highlights

First Latino-Oriented Greek Interest Group

The First Latino-Oriented Greek Interest Group is established at an institution of Higher Learning in the City of Rochester - April 17th, 1993

Meeting on Proposition 187

April, 1995 Co-sponsored with the Center for Student Transition and Support, this meeting focused on proposition 187. The controversial California legislation detains illegal aliens from receiving federal aid. The chapter held a panel discussion with several law experts from the Rochester area debating the pros and cons of the issue along with an emotional student body.

Contribution to Saint Michael's Church

Due to the great success of the Beta Chapter's RITmo Latino Dance in 1997, $1,000 was donated to Saint Michael's Church of Rochester, which was in the process of fundraising to aid in the building of a new roof. Furthermore, Hermanos also participated in a walkathon that benefited this cause.

Puerto Rican Festival of Rochester (August 8th-10th, 2003)

Brothers of Lambda Alpha Upsilon Fraternity, Inc. (Alpha and Beta Chapter) volunteered their services for the weekend

MESH 2003 Certificate of Appreciation

Summer Program

Puerto Rican Festival of Rochester (August 13th-15th, 2004)

Brothers of Lambda Alpha Upsilon Fraternity, Inc. (Beta Chapter) volunteered their services for the weekend

Puerto Rican Festival of Rochester (August 12th-14th, 2005)

Brothers of Lambda Alpha Upsilon Fraternity, Inc. (Beta Chapter) volunteered their services for the weekend Hermano Orlando Ortiz served on the Executive Board as the Volunteer Coordinator

Honoring the Abuelitos (September, 2013)

Brothers of Lambda Alpha Upsilon Fraternity, Inc. (Beta Chapter) volunteered their serves at St. Michael's Church in a festivity that honored the senior citizens in the Rochester community City of Rochester, Hispanic Heritage Committee - Community Service Award - 2013


Semester Class Hermanos
Spring 1993 Founding Hermanos Juan Flores, Rudy Rodriguez, Yankel Fernandez, Carlos Belen, Jesus Ruiz
Fall 1993 Alpha K. Tupin Morgan
Spring 1994 Beta George Paniagua Jr., Jose A. Rivera
Spring 1995 Gamma Francisco Flores, Jr., Leonardo Parra, Carl Ramkarran, Carlos Alba
Spring 1997 Epsilon Carlos Ramos, Starky Bibb, Washington Pro
Spring 1998 Eta S. Antonio Guerra, J. Felipe Giraldo, Wilfredo Alvarez, Jr.
Spring 1999 Theta Mario Figueroa, Jr., Gabriel Dume
Spring 2000 Iota Amado K. Figueroa, Jason Tavarez
Spring 2002 Kappa Adrian P. Patrick
Spring 2003 Lambda Orlando J. Ortiz, Mario Cisneros, Kelvin Ruiz
Spring 2004 Mu Omar A. Mejia
Spring 2005 Nu Gabriel Colon, Franklin Dauphin, Ismael Lopez, Melvin DeJesus
Spring 2006 Xi Martín Martinez, Sharif Farag
Spring 2007 Omicron Edward Valle, Nicolas Tegni, Kumar Singh, Yanuel Jimenez-Baez, Nathaniel Carrera
Spring 2008 Pi Omar Aponte, Abraham Gil, Lewis Rodriguez, Jose Fernandez, Danaury Lorenzo,

David Aguayo, Donald Blanc, LeVauer Andrews, Shaniel Rivas, Rogelio Arizmendi

Spring 2009 Rho Kendall Smith, Bryan Parra, Tyler Spencer, Joseph Mendola, Neftali Morales, Joseph Lugo
Spring 2010 Sigma Santiago Murcia, Bladimir Garcia, Thimas Bell
Spring 2011 Tau Joshua Holt, Paul Janampa, Stephen Patterson
Spring 2012 Upsilon Ryan Nieves
Spring 2013 Phi Eduardo Yanez, Alonso Moreno, Mike Valentin, Anannya Sengupta
Spring 2014 Chi Joseph E. Garcia
Spring 2015 Psi Luis Reyes Umaña
Spring 2016 Omega Luis K. Cordero, Jonathan Cabrera
Fall 2017 Alpha Alpha Jaden Domínguez, Johnny Cuevas, Carlos Villegas, Sergio Molina
Spring 2017 Alpha Beta Jesus Flores, Christian Gayles-Love, Shawndell Cummings
Spring 2018 Alpha Gamma Jarell Torres, Samuel Jurcic


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