International Business (IB) is the name three related programs offered by the E. Philip Saunders College of Business: a major (code: BBUT) and a minor (code: BIBM) for undergraduate students, and a concentration for the Masters of Business Administration program for graduate students.. Like all Saunders programs, International Business is offered directly by the college and supported by the college's instructional faculty and student services rather than by an academic department.


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When Ashok Rao was appointed Dean of Saunders in 2007, the Management and International Business department was dismantled. IB courses are now offered by Saunders directly as part of the IB major or minor.

Major requirements

Certification for the major (BBUT) in international business requires successful completion of the following. Note that completion of the major is not sufficient for a degree; a Bachelors of Science degree also requires the General Education core requirements, which are not listed here.[1]






Due to the limited number of courses offered in the International Business area, IB students complete a "co-major", where in addition to the IB courses they must also complete four courses in another business discipline.

The five co-majors offered are Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, and Management Information Systems.


The accounting co-major requires Financial Reporting & Analysis I, Financial Reporting & Analysis II and two accounting electives.


The finance co-major requires Managing Corporate Assets & Liabilities, Intermediate Investments and two finance electives at either the 400 or 500 level.


The management co-major requires Human Resource Management, Business, Government & Society and two management electives at either the 400 or 500 level.

As Business, Government & Society is a requirement of the management co-major, students selecting this co-major must also take Legal Environment of Business to satisfy the law and ethics portion of the main program.


The marketing co-major requires Marketing Management, Marketing Metrics and Research and two marketing electives at either the 400 or 500 level.

Management Information Systems

The management information systems co-major is the least structured, requiring only that the student select four related courses approved by his or her academic advisor.

Minor requirements

Certification for the minor (BIBM) in international business requires successful completion of Global Business: An Introduction and any four of the following:[2]

Jerry Curnutt is the current minor advisor.

As is always the case with minors, the IB minor can only be completed by students enrolled in another program.

MBA Concentration

The international business concentration for the MBA program requires successful completion of Global Business Environments and any three of the following:


The undergraduate courses offered under the IB department number (0113) are:

The graduate courses offered under the IB deparment number are:


The primary faculty members for IB are:

  • Stephen Luxmore, Assistant Professor
  • Zhi Tang, Assistant Professor
  • John Ward, Lecturer

Several other faculty members teach IB courses as well, including:

  • Joseph Lazarus, Adjunct Professor
  • Joy Oguntebi, Assistant Professor
  • David Pritchard, Adjunct Professor
  • Thomas Traub, Adjunct Professor

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