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*Desktop engineering
*Desktop engineering
*Web Applications
*Web Applications
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*[[ITS Lab Services]]

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Information & Technology Services (abbreviation: ITS) is the technology management and support group on campus. ITS is located in Frank E. Gannett Hall. The organization itself is split into three overarching groups, each of these groups has several smaller pieces.


Originally, ITS was referred to as Information Systems and Computing (ISC). The name was changed in the early 2000s.

Support Services

The support services provide the helpdesk and lab facilities for the campus.

Business Services

The business services provide services that are traditionally considered paid services.

  • Networking Communications Team
  • Telecommunications Team
  • CAST Desktop Services
  • Liberal Arts Desktop Services
  • Engineering Desktop Services
  • Data Center Operation
  • Data Warehouse Operations


  • Applications Development
  • Desktop engineering
  • Web Applications

Related articles

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