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{{Infobox building  
{{Infobox building  
|image=[[File:Carey hall.jpg ]]
|image=[[File:14 HLC.jpg|250px]]
|bldgname=Hugh L. Carey Hall
|bldgname=Hugh L. Carey Hall

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Hugh L. Carey Hall
14 HLC.jpg
Name Hugh L. Carey Hall
Building Number 14
Abbreviation HLC
Zone D-7

The Hugh L. Carey is the former governor of New York State and was a member of the House of Representatives from 1960-1974. In 1965, he proposed the bill for a National Technical Institute for the Deaf in the U.S. House of Representatives. He was also a member of NTID's first National Advisory Group, which was established to prepare guidelines for the development of the school and to ensure that the regulations of the law were followed in order to protect deaf people. The building was dedicated on October 14, 1984, during NTID's 15th year celebration and homecoming weekend.

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