Gerilee Cristina is the 41th President of the NTID Student Congress.

Presidential Campaign

Vote Gerilee Cristina & Julie Cho for NSC

Slogan: Animate!

Our Goals:

NTID Student Congress

  • Improve NSC events
  • Encourage community members to be involved with the events planning.
  • Introduce new events for community, more variety.
  • Improve communication between clubs
  • Reestablish the President's circle
  • Increase your community involvement between Deaf/HH and Hearing students
  • Work with organizations such as ResLife to build relationship between hearing and deaf students. For example:
  • Create programs geared towards encouraging deaf and hearing students to socialize and learn about each other. Increase opportunities for a stronger community bond with all students regardless of communication methods.
  • NSC Executive Board will be more visual in the community to show them that we are there for them.

NTID Student Assembly

  • Improve NTID Student Assembly (NSA) and improve awareness.
  • Continue with quarterly workshops.
  • Work closely with NSA speaker, improving NSA with different strategies to encourage more community involvement.
  • If the clubs have a new representative, they should attend quarterly workshops.
  • Improve attendance by providing incentive to students. (reward system)
  • Increase Public Relations, advertising efforts for NSA (and NSC).
  • Encourage NSA to discuss interesting topics related to the community, academics, and student life. Example: English-System issues, Access Services revisions, and improving services offered at NTID.
  • Will work with Student Affairs, NTID Senator and Cross-Registered Senator to find out what the hot topics are. Strongly encourage them all come to NSA, because that's where the voice of the students are.


  • Work closely with NTID and Cross-Registered Senator to ensure the issues such as NTID English System and Access Service are resolved.
  • Work closely with the NTID Administration on bigger issues such as NTID English System, Semester Conversion, and Access Services.
  • Build and improve Faculty/Staff relationship with the students.
  • Create more events that involves with the Faculty/Staff and the students.
  • Host Little NSC during SVP
  • To expose the freshmen where they can share their issues or concerns.

  • Work closely with College of NTID Standing Committees:
  1. Academic Conduct Committee
  2. NTID Curriculum Committee
  3. NTID Faculty Congress
  4. Signing in Public Spaces Committee
  5. Student Ratings System (SRS) Advisory Committee

(These information found on Facebook page)

NSC Election Result

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Candidate Votes
Gerilee Cristina and Julie Cho 181 (39.35%)
Mohammed Khan and Zohaib Qureshi 150 (32.61%)
Javier Tabares and Christopher Nelson 121 (26.3%)
Stephen McDonald and Justin Kittredge (Write-In) 2 (0.43%)
Stephen McDonald and Justin Kitteredge (Write-In) 1 (0.22%)
Tifa Munchy and Taboo Liguy (Write-In) 1 (0.22%)
David Bowie (Write-In) 1 (0.22%)
Darrell Arthur and Carolyn Huddleston (Write-In) 1 (0.22%)
Greg Pollock and Randal Jackson (Write-In) 1 (0.22%)
Stephen McDonald and Justin Kettredge (Write-In) 1 (0.22%)
Total Votes: 460


Executive Board

Original Executive Board

Taken at Annual AppleFest event

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Position Name Assistant(s) Name
President Gerilee Cristina
Vice President Julie Cho
Director of Student Affairs Kiley Peterson
Director of Communications Ashli-Marie Grant (replaced by Kathryn Sainio) Web Master Kyle Barbauld Public Relations Caraleigh Hawkinson
Director of Programming Tina Lovato (replaced by Frances Sorrentino)
Finance Director Shaun Levine (no one replaced him after he resigned)
Executive Assistant Jerrin George (Samantha Shupe for winter quarter)
Administrative Advisor Daniel Millikin
Unofficial Position
Community Service Director Bryan Ward
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Committee Chairperson(s)
RIT/Gallaudet Sports Weekend Lisa Meyer
Election Bakar Ali (replaced by Jacqueline Mamorsky)
NTID Award Brittany Stanton

NSC's Accomplishments 2011-2012


Hosted or Co-Hosted

  • Captioning Committee --October 20th






Hosted or Co-Hosted

  • Little NSC --September 2nd
  • Pulse Happy Hour
  1. Pulse Happy Hour's BBQ at Student Development Center --September 23th
  2. Pulse Happy Hour at Lyndon B. Johnson --October 7th


  • AppleFest (traditional)


  • October event:Halloween Blowout with SG, GU, CAB, SAAC, ACA, & RHA
  • November event:
  • January event:
  • February event: