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Fraternities and sororities - RITpedia

Fraternities and sororities play an important role in RIT student life.

Social fraternities and sororities

Social fraternities and sororities constitute the vast majority of fraternities and sororities operating at RIT. Collectively referred to as "the Greeks", the members of these organizations make up about 5-7% of the student body annually. They are represented in Student Government by Greek Council and are supported by the staff of the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.


General focus

Ethnicity focus


General focus

There are six sororities with chapters at RIT that do not have any particular ethnic focus. Together they collaborate to form the College Panhellenic Council. The six chapters are:

Ethnicity focus

Professional fraternities

Professional fraternities are among the oldest student organizations at RIT, but are relatively few in number. Unlike social fraternities and sororities, professional fraternities accept both male and female members, generally have a particular academic or professional focus, and members do not formally live together.

Professional fraternities are not part of the Greek Council structure and with the exception of Alpha Phi Omega not recognized through the Student Government hierarchy.