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==External links==
==External links==
*[ What's In A Name: Frances Baker Hall]
*[ What's In A Name: Frances Baker Hall]
* []
* [ Frances Baker Hall Entrance Photo]

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Frances Baker Hall (C&D)
29 BHC.jpg
Name Frances Baker Hall (C&D)
Building Number 27, 29
Abbreviation BHA,BHA,BHC, BHD
Zone H-6

Frances Baker Hall is a residence hall in the South Area of dorms. Baker houses the substance free lifestyle floor.

Like many buildings on campus, Baker hall is named after a woman who was influential in RIT's early history. Frances Baker donated a house to the University at 64 S. Washington Street. That house became the original Frances Baker Hall before RIT moved to the Henrietta campus in the 60s.


Frances Baker is a low-rise building without an elevator and does have rooms on the first floor. Baker Hall is directly connected to Grace Watson Hall.

Baker does not have air conditioning.

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