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First-Year Enrichment - RITpedia

First-Year Enrichment (FYE) is an RIT department that assists first-year students transitioning to RIT. The FYE department's main offices are located on the second floor of the Campus Center with a satellite office in Grace Watson Hall.

All first-year students are automatically enrolled in the Discovery course for fall quarter and may choose to take the Pathways course during winter or spring quarter of their first year. Students will be in a section of the Discovery course that is designated for their major. However, students will select one of three themes for their Pathways experience: Leadership, Service, or Innovation/Creativity, and will, therefore, be in multidisciplinary sections. One of the unique components of these first-year classes is the individualized coaching students receive from their instructors. Both of these discussion-based, 1-credit classes are first-year requirements.


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