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{{Infobox building
{{Infobox building
|image=[[File:99 FMS.jpg|250px]]
|bldgname=Facilities Management
|bldgname=Facilities Management

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Facilities Management
99 FMS.jpg
Name Facilities Management
Building Number 99
Abbreviation FMS
Zone K-6

Facilities Management is Facilities Management Services's building. Also contained in this Building is the RIT Postal and Print Hub's main office.

The Building is divided into several main areas including a warehouse/storage facility for the ROTC, a shipping and receiving bay where 85% of RIT's mail and packages are sorted and then it gets sent out to the other mail facilities on campus, and the print and postal areas where RIT mailings are printed, stuffed into envelopes, and then metered and sent out for distribution. The postal area also handles interoffice RIT correspondence and outgoing department mail. There is also a small satellite office of the RIT ITS department located within the building.

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