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[[Category:Student Life|Eight Beat Measure]]
[[Category:Student life|Eight Beat Measure]]

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Eight Beat Measure is RIT's oldest all-male a cappella vocal group.

Eight Beat Measure '8' logo
Eight Beat Measure's logo
Eight Beat Measure 2008 shirt logo
Eight Beat Measure's logo from their 2008 performance shirts


RIT Men's Octet

Eight Beat Measure started life as the RIT Men's Octet in 1987. It was formed by director Edward Schell as an extension to the RIT Singers.

Eight Beat Measure


1 indicates current/former Music Director
2 indicates current/former Business Manager
3 indicates current/former Public Relations Director
4 indicates current/former President


  • Tenor 1
    • Brian Lopipero
    • Khoa Nguyen
    • Brad Turnbull1
  • Tenor 2
    • Josh Goodman3
    • Mark Holcomb2
    • Joe Kaplan
  • Baritone
    • Evan Garnish
    • Eric Nagley
    • Kwadwo Opong-Mensah
    • Ryan Belair
  • Bass
    • Rohit Crasta1
    • Andrew Darling
    • Greg Roeth
    • Rick Thomas3


  • Steve Haber2
  • Rob Gedelian2 4
  • Mike Hoskins
  • RJ Pollard
  • Rich Rockelmann



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