Ebony Club
Abbreviation EC
Motto "One Family, One Love"
Recognition 1985
President Ryan Gregory
Vice President Andre Robinson
Advisor Kristi Love
Members approximately 80
Symbols black power
Meetings biweekly Thursday
Email ec.got.1985@gmail.com

About Us

Ebony Club is an organization at NTID/RIT that helps and serves Black Deaf/Hard of Hearing students.

The purpose of Ebony Club is to understand and acquire knowledge of our black history and culture.

We allow opportunity to develop leadership skills and to provide a space for socialization and learning experiences.

Ebony Club serves under Black Awareness Coordinating Committee.


  1. To give Black students to consciousness and commitment that will instruct them to use their capability to advance themselves, their people, and the whole of humanity to a higher level of human life.
  2. To teach and encourage Black students to be productive achievers in the political as well as the academic and professional arenas.
  3. To create a family of conscious and concerned brothers and sisters for Black students to interact with on a social as well as intellectual level-in a world, to promote the Jamaall concept.
  4. To promote unity among different Black student organizations and among students of different ideological persuasions.
  5. To present Black students with programs that both demonstrate the richness of our culture and elicit honor and respect of Black culture.
  6. To assist Black students in their academic affairs through tutorial services, counseling and provision of material resources.
  7. To transform those departments belonging to school of Social and Behavior Science- with a particular emphasis on Black studies-- into structures that give a more truthful inclusive and complete analysis of Black Studies and black people historical struggles.
  8. To link Black students and academic process with the Black community.
  9. To encourage and instruct Black students to build alternative institutions and strive for ownership and control rather than services and influences.
  10. To continuously organize Black students around their own interests, to teach them to organize themselves and their communities and to make them self-conscious agents of their own liberation.


Presidents/Vice Presidents

Unconfirmed & Tentative List

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No. Years President Vice President
1. 1985-1986
2. 1986-1987
3. 1987-1988
4. 1988-1989
5. 1989-1990
6. 1990-1991
7. 1991-1992
8. 1992-1993
9. 1993-1994
10. 1994-1995
11. 1995-1996
12. 1996-1997
13. 1997-1998
14. 1998-1999
15. 1999-2000
16. 2000-2001
17. 2001-2002
18. 2002-2003
19. 2003-2004
20. 2004-2005
21. 2005-2006
22. 2006-2007
23. 2007-2008
24. 2008-2009 Fatiah Abimbola Abigail Danquah
25. 2009-2010
26. 2010-2011
27. 2011-2012
28. 2012-2013
29. 2013-2014 Ryan Gregory Andre Robinson

Annual Events

  • Phatsgiving
  • Black Deaf Week
  • Sweetheart Day
  • Bamma Day
  • Ebony Club's End of Year BBQ

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