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| RIT Research Computing || [ Software Center]
| RIT Research Computing || [ Software Center]
| School of Design || [ Software Center]
| Software Engineering || [ Software Center]
| Software Engineering || [ Software Center]

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Dreamspark, previously known as the Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance (MSDNAA), refers to a partnership between RIT and Microsoft. It allows RIT access "to the latest set of Microsoft platforms, servers, and developer tools."

Software Center by College/Major

Major Software Center
College of Business: Management Information Systems Software Center
Computer Engineering Software Center[1]
Computer Science Software Center[2]
Computer Science House Software Center
Computing Security Software Center
RIT Dubai Software Center
Electrical and Microelectronic Engineering Software Center[1]
Engineering Technology, Packaging Science, Environmental Management (CAST) Software Center
GCCIS Ph.D. Program Software Center[1]
Information & Computing Studies Software Center
Information Systems & Technology, Interactive Games & Media Software Center[3][4]
Industrial & Systems Engineering Software Center[1]
Mechanical Engineering Software Center[1]
Mechanical Engineering Technology Contact Department
Network, Security, and Systems Administration Software Center
RIT Research Computing Software Center
Software Engineering Software Center

Other RIT software


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