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|leader=Spencer Crawford
|leader=Spencer Crawford
|members=6 undergraduates, 2 graduates
|advisor=Bob Barbato
|advisor=Bob Barbato

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Delta Sigma Pi
Recognition 1961
Type Professional fraternity
President Spencer Crawford
Advisor Bob Barbato
Members 6 undergraduates, 2 graduates

Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity for men and women studying business and economics.


The Epsilon Lambda chapter of Delta Sigma Pi was established at RIT in 1961.

In 1975, the national convention (called the Grand Chapter Congress) directed the national board of directors to invoke emergency powers to resolve pending legal issues related to Title IX. The Board of Directors decided that chapters would thereafter be able to admit qualified female students into the fraternity. This decision was subsequently ratified in a constitutional amendment in 1977.[1]

In 1983, under increasing pressure from the national fraternity to become co-ed, the RIT chapter resolved that it would separate from the national organization and become a social fraternity. In 1984, the national organization revoked the Epsilon Lambda charter and the group of students formed a local fraternity called Nu Delta Sigma, which later became the New York Eta chapter of Phi Delta Theta.

After the dissolution of the RIT chapter, Delta Sigma Pi ceased to have a presence at RIT for 25 years. Various attempts were made by Delta Sigma Pi alumni of RIT to organize an alumni chapter in Rochester, but none lasted without the RIT chapter to provide new members to replace the aging alumni and there were no other chapters in Monroe County.

In the fall of 2009, recognizing that there was a need for a professional fraternity for business students, a group of students sought to establish one. Upon realizing that Delta Sigma Pi in particular had an inactive chapter at RIT, and was thus likely to have alumni in the area, they decided to found the local fraternity Sigma Beta Sigma with the express purpose of petitioning for a charter of Delta Sigma Pi.


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