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Colony Manor Apartments - RITpedia
Colony Manor Apartments
Name Colony Manor Apartments
Building Number 97
Abbreviation CMA
Zone L-6
Year Built 1968

Colony Manor is an on-campus apartment complex built in 1968.


Colony Manor is located across John Street from the campus, next to the intersection of John Street and Wiltsie Drive. The property is owned by RIT and is near both The Province and Perkins Green.


Colony Manor is composed of 15 apartment buildings and One Colony Manor, which houses maintenance equipment, the complex's laundry facilities and the ResLife satellite office for Colony Manor and Perkins Green.

The complex includes a bus stop outside One Colony Manor, a basketball court near the bus stop, and a volleyball court near the Southern entrance to the laundry room. It also sports a number of open fields for recreation and a number of permanent grills for resident use.


Colony Manor has four types of apartments: One bedroom apartments, two bedroom apartments, two bedroom townhouses and three bedroom townhouses.

The one and two bedroom apartments are approximately 500 square feet and the townhouses are all 1,575 square feet.

Colony Manor's townhouses are noteworthy for being the only on-campus apartments that have basements, which are frequently used for resident storage.

Colony Manor was not built with air conditioning equipment, and thus students wishing to use an air conditioner during the summer months will need to have one installed by FMS for an additional fee.


As with all on-campus housing, heat, water, electricity are included. All Colony Manor apartments are also wired with CAT 5e cabling to provide wired connection to the RIT Network and all also have wireless access points installed.

Rent at Colony Manor for the 2010-2011 academic year is as follows:

Apartment type Per person, per quarter Per person, per 3 quarters Per person, per quarter (Alternative occupancy) Per person, per week (summer)
1 bedroom lower $2,952 $8,856 $1,476 $112
1 bedroom upper $3,150 $9,450 $1,575 $112
2 bedroom $893 $2,679 $1,191 $112
2 bedroom townhouse $1,114 $3,342 $1,485 $112
3 bedroom townhouse $1,210 $3,630 $1,613 $112


Colony Manor's road access to and from campus is via Wiltsie Drive and Perkins Road; John Street is the only available road leading away from the campus, towards Bailey Road in the Southward and towards Jefferson Road Northward.

Colony Manor's bus stop is served by the Colony Manor shuttle. RTS Route 24 also stops at the sewage treatment building on the opposite side of John Street. Route 24 is not part of the RIT shuttle system, and the normal fare for an adult is $1.00.

Cyclists may use Wiltsie Drive, Perkins Road or the sidewalk on the side of Wiltsie Drive to get to campus. John Street and the Lehigh Valley Trail lead away from campus.