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| 1964-
| 1963-1973
| [[Ralph L. Van Peursem]]<ref name="coshistory">[ History of College of Science]</ref>
| [[Ralph L. Van Peursem]]<ref name="coshistory"><ref name="plaque">Plaque outside the Van Peursem Auditorium.</ref>[ History of College of Science]</ref>
| Dean
| Dean

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College of Science
Dean Sophia Maggelakis
Interim Associate Dean Laura Tubbs
Assistant Dean Catherine Mahrt-Washington
Buildings Gosnell Building

College of Science (abbreviation: COS) is the college focusing on education dealing with the sciences.



Year Name Position
1963-1973 Ralph L. Van PeursemCite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tagHistory of College of Science</ref> Dean
1994-1996 Robert A. Clark[1] Interim Dean
1996 Robert A. Clark[1] Dean
2001-2002 Ian Gatley[2] Interim Dean
2002 Ian Gatley[2] Dean
2009-2010 Sophia Maggelakis[3] Interim Dean
2010-Present Sophia Maggelakis[4] Dean

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