College of Liberal Arts
Dean James Winebrake
Senior Associate Dean M. Ann Howard
Associate Dean Babak Elahi
Assistant Dean for Student Services John Smithgall
Buildings Liberal Arts Hall

The College of Liberal Arts (abbreviations: CLA, COLA) is the RIT college focusing on liberal arts classes. The college contains approximately 600 students within it's degree programs, However, all undergraduate students must take classes within the college to adhere to the university's requirement of perspectives, immersions, and general education in the liberal arts.


The College of Liberal Arts offers a unique, technology-infused approach to the traditional Liberal Arts education. We have the benefits of a small liberal arts college situated within the resources of a large university. We emphasize global education, student-centered research, and social justice. These themes prepare the students for the challenges they will face as citizens living in an evolving global society. They strive to produce well-rounded, intellectual students with the motivation to make a significant impact on the world.


Year Name Position
1961-1967(*) James Wilson[1] Dean
1967-1977(*) Paul Bernstein[1] Dean
1977-1978(*) Dane Gordon[1] Interim Dean
1978-1987(*) Mary Sullivan[1] Dean
1987-1988 Stanley McKenzie[1] Interim Dean
1988-1998 William J. Daniels[1][2] Dean
1998-1999 Diane Hope[1] Interim Dean
1999-2006 Andrew M. T. Moore[1][3] Dean
2006-2008 Glenn Kist[4] Interim Dean
2008-2010 Robert C. Ulin[5][6][7] Dean
2010 Glenn Kist[6] Interim Dean
2011-Present James Winebrake[8] Dean
* Note: Prior to 1982, the College of Liberal Arts was named the College of General Studies.


Academic programs

The College of Liberal Arts offers the following undergraduate degrees:

The college also offers the following graduate degrees:


Award name Start year Award purpose
Community Recognition Award Recognition to individuals who encourage and support liberal arts in the Rochester community.
Kearse Student Honor Awards Recognition to students who have written the most outstanding research papers or projects in areas of study in the College of Liberal Arts.
Student Writing Contest

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