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College of Imaging Arts and Sciences - RITpedia
College of Imaging Arts and Sciences
Vignelli center exterior.jpg
Interim Dean Frank Cost
Interim Assistant Dean Twyla J. Cummings
Assistant Dean Debbie Kingsbury
Students 2,435
Percent of RIT Population 12.4%
Undergraduates 2,110
Postgraduates 325
Buildings James E. Booth Fine Arts Building, Frank E. Gannett Building ,Vignelli Center for Design Studies

College of Imaging Arts and Sciences (abbreviation: CIAS) is the RIT college focusing on the study of imaging arts and sciences.



Year Name Position
1960(*) Harold Brennan[1] Dean of Fine and Applied Arts
1997-1999 Joan Stone[2] Interim Dean
1999-2009 Joan Stone[2][3] Dean
2009-2011 Frank Cost[4] Interim Dean
2011-Present Lorraine Justice[5] Dean
* Note: Prior to 1992, the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences was divided into the College of Graphic Arts and Photography and the College of Fine and Applied Arts

Academic Departments


It encompasses:

Academic Programs

School for American Crafts:

  • Ceramics & Ceramic Sculpture (BFA, MFA)
  • Glass & Glass Sculpture (BFA, MFA)
  • Metals & Jewelry Design (BFA, MFA)
  • Furniture Design (AOS, BFA, MFA)
  • Undeclared Crafts

School of Art:

  • Fine Arts Studio (BFA, MFA)
  • Illustration (BFA)
  • Medical Illustration (BFA)
  • Visual Arts-All Grades (MST)

School of Design:

  • 3D Digital Design (BFA)
  • Graphic Design (BFA)
  • Industrial Design (BFA, MFA)
  • Interior Design (BFA)
  • New Media Design (BFA)
  • Visual Communication Design (MFA)

School of Film and Animation:

  • Animation (BFA)
  • Film Production (BFA)
  • Motion Picture Science (BS)
  • Film and Animation (MFA)

School of Photographic Arts and Sciences:

  • Advertising Photography (BFA)
  • Biomedical Photographic Communications (BS)
  • Fine Art Photography (BFA)
  • Imaging & Photographic Technology (BS)
  • Imaging Systems (Minor)
  • Photographic & Imaging Technologies (BS)
  • Photojournalism (BFA)
  • Visual Media (BFA)
  • Imaging Arts, Photography and Related Media (MFA)

School of Media Sciences:

  • Media Arts and Technology (BS)
  • Print Media (MS)



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  5. RIT Names Lorraine Justice as Dean of College of Imaging Arts and Sciences