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The Center for Women & Gender (formerly Women's Center) is a department in the Division of Division of Student Affairs responsible for encouraging gender diversity and fostering an environment at RIT in which women can be academically, socially and professionally successful.[1]

The office of the Center is presently located on the first floor of the Campus Center, between the Student Government office and the Fireside Lounge.


The Center operates the Campus Advocacy, Response, and Support Program (CARES), a 24/7 response program for victims of sexual assault, stalking and relationship violence. Presently, CARES can contacted around the clock by phone (voice/tty) and by AIM.[2]

Vagina Monologues

The Center has staged annual performances of the Vagina Monologues at RIT since 2001 to coincide with Valentine's Day. As part of the global V-Day movement, proceeds from the RIT production go to stopping violence against women and girls around the world.[3]

Amongst the many productions of the Vagina Monologues that occur on or around Valentine's Day, the RIT production is special for being the only one that is performed simultaneously in both English and American Sign Language. Rather than using the Department of Access Services to provide ASL-English interpreters, each role in the production is double-casted with one speaking and one signing actress, who perform together.

Bring our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

The Center also coordinates RIT's annual Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day for RIT staff and faculty. Throughout the day, the children of staff and faculty (generally aged 8-12) are offered the opportunity to explore a wide variety of careers at the university.

Women's Career Achievement Dinner

The Women's Center co-hosts the annual Women's Career Achievement Dinner with the RIT Leadership Institute & Community Service Center, generally in April or May in order to honor RIT alumnae and distribute awards to gender diversity trailblazers amongst the faculty and staff.


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