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|offices=[[Center for Campus Life]], [[Club Resources]], [[Reporter|The Reporter]], [[RIT Leadership Institute & Community Service Center]], [[Student Government]], [[Women's Center]]<ref name="amb">[ RIT Brick City Ambassadors - Campus Center]</ref>
|offices=[[AALANA Collegiate Association]]<br/>[[Center for Campus Life]]<br/>[[Club Resource Center]]<br />[[College Activities Board]]<br/>[[First Year Enrichment]]<br/>[[Global Union]]<br/>[[Off-Campus and Apartment Student Association]]<br/>[[Orientation]]<br/>[[Reporter|The Reporter]]<br />[[RIT Leadership Institute & Community Service Center]]<br />[[Student Government]]<br />[[Women's Center]]<ref name="amb">[ RIT Brick City Ambassadors - Campus Center]</ref>

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Campus Center
Name Campus Center
Building Number 3
Floors 2
Year Built 2010
Offices AALANA Collegiate Association
Center for Campus Life
Club Resource Center
College Activities Board
First Year Enrichment
Global Union
Off-Campus and Apartment Student Association
The Reporter
RIT Leadership Institute & Community Service Center
Student Government
Women's Center[1]

Campus Center is a derivative of Student Alumni Union.


  1. RIT Brick City Ambassadors - Campus Center