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The Bikeshare logo

The RIT Bikeshare is a service launched by Student Government in the Spring of 2014. It is a collaborative effort between Student Government, The Center for Residence Life, Facilities Management Services, Parking and Transportation and many more department and organizations at RIT.


The RIT Bikeshare is a program that allows any student, faculty or staff member at RIT to borrow a bike free of charge for up to 24 hours. Riders who borrow a bike on Friday have until the following Monday to return it. The RIT Bikeshare functions more like a library than a traditional rideshare, with bikes available to borrow at a single rack.

=Initial Concept/Launch

While there were many attempts to create a bike share program at RIT, none were successful until Paul Darraugh, Nick Cifranic and Ashley Carrington proposed the current program in fall of 2013. With a business plan for the program and partnerships with Facilities Management, Residence Life, Housing and others, the program launched in spring 2014. At launch, there were 20 orange single speed bikes with back-pedal brakes.


Initial Response

Initial response to the RIT Bikeshare has been quite strong.

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