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Asian Deaf Club

Asian Deaf Club
Type Cultural / Educational Club

Asian Deaf Club (abbreviation: ADC) is a club and an affiliate of the Global Union.[1]

About Us

Asian Deaf Club Executive Board/Directors 2018 - 2019

Position Name
President Andrea Wood
Vice-President Marcus Clark
Secretary Vacant
Treasurer Vacant
Cultural Director Vacant
Fundraising Director Vacant
Social Director Vacant
Media Director Vacant
Media Assistant Vacant
Student Advisor Vacant
Student Advisor Vacant
Faculty Advisor Vacant
Alumni Advisor Vacant


Asian Deaf Club is giving the opportunity to Asian and non-Asian students to have equal benefits of sharing a diversity of cultures and values among in NTID/RIT. We are also encouraging friendship and social awareness among Deaf, Hard of Hearing Asian and non-Asian students. We are promoting cross-cultural understanding among students with diverse background. We introduce and educate the awareness of Asian cultures and provide a safe place for students to express their opinions, share their knowledges and talents. We also sponsors serves as facilitators during our bi-weekly meetings.


According to the first Asian Deaf Club’s website, in 1988, when the number of Asian Deaf students increased in NTID/RIT, Richard Lin and Rickey Tom took a great opportunity to establish an organization for the Asian deaf students. Richard used his outstanding leadership skills and Rickey used his good business instincts to form Asian Deaf Club. However, thanks to NTID Student Congress (NSC) for recognizing the organization when the founders made the proposal for recognition. Richard and Rickey finally founded Asian Deaf Club in the spring of 1989. Asian Deaf Club has been running active and well in NTID Community for 25 years.

Annual Events

  • Lunar New Year
  • ADC Banquet


  1. Asian Deaf Club. Center for Campus Life. [1]

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