Presidential Campaign

Slogan: “It’s Time to Hook In Changes!”

Platform Hey you! Yes, you there - do you seek a NTID with:

CHAMP accessibility for all? CHAMP leadership visibility? CHAMP recruiting culture?

Then vote Alex Van Hook and Ana Trujillo for NTID Student Congress President and Vice President 2014-2015! Our campaign platform of these three “champ” goals aims to ELEVATE you, the students, and especially your voices and signs to higher levels than ever seen in the 46-year history of NTID! Here’s how we plan to do it:

Alex Van Hook is a 3rd year Political Science major. For the past year, he proudly served the community as a Director of Student Affairs for NTID Student Congress. He started his RIT leadership career as a Student Government Senator for College of Liberal Arts. He also was involved with NTID SVP ‘12 as a Community Orientation Assistant who enjoyed supporting the incoming freshmen. Alex is a huge RIT hockey fan and he can be found rooting for our home team at the games. He is eager to continue his heartfelt support of the NTID/Cross-registered community as a prospective NSC president.

Ana Trujillo is a 2nd year Applied Computer Technology major who served as a Community Student Advocate for NTID Student Life Team Department. While working for NTID Student Life Team Department, she is representing for NTID students in NTID Retention Committee. In the last year, she has involved with Latin American Deaf Club. Ana enjoys interacting with the students and learning about their stories. She is excited to be running for NTID Student Congress as vice president, and would greatly appreciate your vote!

Our platform is “It’s Time to Hook In Changes!” As a team Alex and Ana have dedicated their campaign to Student Life at RIT. By the beginning of next year, we will be familiar with the semester schedule. The recent announcement of increased federal fund will bring some stability for NTID. We strongly believe to continue to make sure that there is a dynamic student life on campus.

Top-Priority Goals:

  • Educate what NSC is and how NSC can benefit you
  • Provide leadership trainings and opportunities
  • Improve Online and Media Usages

In-depth Goals:

Increasing the Visibility of NSC:

  • Expose the community to NSC and its benefit by increasing visibility and

personal interactions

  • Encourage executive board members to socialize with students
  • Implement “roaming” office hours whereas executive board members are

encouraged to go roam throughout campus to meet random students and learn about issues and concerns that may be overlooked.

  • Collaborate with NSA to make a clear promotion of the functions and


  • Increase NSC presence in Freshman Seminar class.
  • Revamp Pulse Happy Hour like a pep rally gathering and interactive


  • Implement off-campus activities few times per semester

Provide leadership training and opportunities:

  • Implement long-term succession plan
  • Host some “open-house” executive board meetings throughout year
  • Continue NSC Junior into the year
  • Develop an election schedule that covers more time
  • Have NSC interact with students during fall semester
  • SVP: Have NSC attend as much social events as possible to expose


  • SVP: Have NSC president give welcome speech alongside NTID

President Gerry Buckley in Panara Theater, with executive board in attendance

  • Fall Semester: Have NSC eat at Gracie’s and Dining Commons regularly

to interact with freshmen

  • Fall Semester: Have NSC host various events related to NSC roles and

leadership for any students, especially those who are not aware about NSC

Online/Media Use:

  • Improve the NTID Student Congress website and increase its interactivity.

NSA streaming online

  • Bring some flair to campus with some NSC banners around public locations.
  • Introduce a feedback tool on the NSC website to track how we are doing against

these goals.

PAW TV (Resurrection of NSC News):

  • Promote better student recognition and feedback system on campus
  • An actual broadcasting “schedule” for NSC and Deaf and Hard of Hearing community
  • Promote about current tutoring resources

In their own ways, Alex and Ana have improved Student Life and students’ voice on campus. Now together, they hope to bring you an even more diverse stance on raising the quality of student life. They believe that a great connection between student and university is critical for everyone, and are dedicated to build this relationship from the ground up. Starting with the basic needs of transparency and mass communications such as investing in Tiger Media and public relations, they hope to make the daily bustle of life a little easier for YOU. Finally, building up to the top with school spirit from club involvement to BrickFest Weekend, they plan to make your RIT experience one you will never forget!

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NSC Election Result

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Candidate Votes
Alex Van Hook/Ana Trujillo 170 49.85%
Keith Banks/Eric Epstein 165 48.39%
Keith Delk and Bryan Ward (Write-In) 3 0.88%
Batman (Write-In) 2 0.59%
Batman/Robin (Write-In) 1 0.29%
Total Votes: 341


Executive Board

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Position Name Assistant(s) Name
President Alexander Van Hook
Vice President Ana Trujillo-Mendino
Director of Student Affairs Vincent Venutolo (replaced by Angelica Lopez) (then replaced by Abigail Danquah for Spring Semester)
Director of Communications Adan Ortiz Communication Assistants Heather Mattmann
Director of Programming Tina Feng Programming Assistants (Abigail Danquah for Fall Semester) & Ping Liu
Director of Finance Andrew Stadnicki (replaced by Chhun Kim)
Executive Assistant Angelica Lopez (replaced by Donna Melena in Spring Semester)
Speaker Andre Webster
Vice Speaker Abigail Peterson
Parliamentarian Kayla Miller
Clerk Sadie Kulhanek
Copy-Interpreter Joseph Antle
Administrative Advisor Debbye Byrne
Advisor Andrew Schewe
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Committee Chairperson(s)
Brickfest Weekend Gina De Naples
Brickfest Bash Ashley Wood & Connor Walter
Election Rhyshem Bagley
NTID Award Reena Banerjee & Connor Walter

NSC's Accomplishments 2014-2015


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