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(African, Latin, Asian, and Native American) ALANA Collegiate Association
ACA's official logo
Abbreviation ACA
Type Major Student Organizations
President & VP Tempest Sampson & Elexus Buntley
Advisor Harold Fields
Members Alexis Montoya, Amber Strokes, Canika Shepherd, Maddie Bliss, Olufunmilola Babalola, Tristen Armento-Irvin, Tymoni Correa-Buntley
Website [[1]]

"ALANA Collegiate Association" (abbreviated ACA) is a major student organization at RIT, whose purpose is to be an inclusive organization that works to increase the efficacy of the ACA executive board; build and maintain ALANA student leadership and academic excellence; in addition to building commUNITY among ALANA students at RIT through social and service activities.[1]


The purpose of the ALANA Collegiate Association is to serve as a liaison between the ALANA student population and RIT administration; to advocate for ALANA students and address the needs that are unique to the ALANA student experience; to provide access to and awareness of resources on campus to improve ALANA student academic performance; to inform ALANA students of financial, cultural, educational, political and employment opportunities; to contribute to the academic, leadership and social development of ALANA students; to encourage a sense of pride in ALANA culture on RIT’s campus and raise awareness to non-ALANA students of ALANA student experiences and culture; and to promote and support the recruitment and enrollment of ALANA students and recruitment and hiring of ALANA faculty and staff.


It is the vision of the ALANA Collegiate Association to see ALANA students enjoy a successful and culturally enriched collegiate experience and to increase racial diversity in the RIT community (students, faculty and staff).


It is the mission of the ALANA Collegiate Association to improve the overall collegiate experience and promote academic excellence for ALANA students at the Rochester Institute of Technology through advocacy, social engagement, cultural enrichment and access to resources.


Academic excellence through community and culture


The ALANA Collegiate Association was formerly known as the Black Awareness Coordinating Committee (BACC) until September 2007. The BACC was founded by people of African American descent in an attempt to develop a sense of pride in themselves, their people and their culture, and to create an understanding of the African American identity. BACC evolved to include students of the African American, Latino American, and Native American descents (AALANA), as well as uniting to address the needs of sharing and maintaining an AALANA culture: to the political, economical and social needs of the AALANA people, and to student groups; and to develop a form of learning experiences at RIT. Due to this evolution the BACC changed its name to AALANA Collegiate Association (ACA) to better reflect its broader focus. As of March 2016, the AALANA Collegiate Association has changed to the ALANA Collegiate Association, to incorporate Asian Americans.

Annual Events

I Am AALANA campaign 2015

Every year ACA holds various events for the community.

One of the first events of the year is the Welcome Back Bonanza. The Welcome Back Bonanza is an event catered to introducing the incoming freshman class to all that RIT’s multicultural community has to offer. The bonanza includes free food, activities, and entertainment hosted by ACA’s affiliates. By attending, crowds can learn more about how they can get involved on campus, interact with other students and alum of similar cultural backgrounds and begin building relationships with them to cultivate the essential collegiate support system. 

Wake Up Wednesday is a tabling initiative that is held at the Tiger Statue or Student Alumni Union (depending on the weather). ACA executive board, affiliates and volunteers will give away food and marketing materials about ACA and the given events for that month as a way to engage the RIT community and market the organization.

Mental Health Mondays is a new initiative to acknowledge mental health in the ALANA community. Every third Monday of the month, ACA will host an event to promote and raise awareness of effective ways to manage stress and maintain mental health. Mental health in the ALANA community is often a taboo subject. ACA's goal is to break down barriers to help improve the collegiate experience of the ALANA community.

The United Leadership Council is intended to provide the opportunity for ACA affiliates to collaborate with each other and ACA to achieve the overarching goals set forth for the ALANA community. It provides a space where each organization gets a better understanding of ACA and other affiliates. ULC meetings also aim to motivate students in become involved in leadership positions within the across campus, in order to increase the influence and awareness of the ALANA community at the Rochester Institute of Technology. This platform is the springboard for ACA affiliates to extend their reach on campus and make a greater impact for ALANA students.

Additionally, ACA produces an annual photo campaign called "I Am ALANA," which celebrates ALANA students on campus. In the fall, a new theme is chosen and students volunteer to be photographed by a photography student. The campaign is released in the spring to the public.



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