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17th NTID Student Assembly - RITpedia

17th NTID Student Assembly

The seventeenth NTID Student Assembly

Major Legislation(s)


Voting Representatives

  1. Asian Deaf Club
  2. Hands of Fire
  3. Deaf International Student Association
  4. Ebony Club
  5. Latin American Deaf Club
  6. Masquers Drama Club
  7. NTID Business Club
  8. Sigma Sigma Sigma
  9. Sigma Nu
  10. Spectrum
  11. Student Interpreting Association
  12. Wolk

Non-voting Representatives

  1. Tiger Media
  2. Student Life Team
  3. Deaf Basketball Association
  4. NTID Student Congress
  5. NTID Senator
  6. Cross-Registered Senator

NSA Officers

This section requires expansion.
NSA Officers 2013-2014
Speaker David Gustafson
Vice Speaker Jacob Grant (replaced by Linize Fuechtmann)
Parliamentarian Quintina Frink
Clerk Kyle Brossoit (replaced by Kayla Miller then replaced by Kirsten Larsen)
Copy Interpreter Kayla Miller (replaced by Abigail Peterson)
Public Relations Linzie Fuechtmann (no one replaced her)
Administrative Advisor Andrew Schewe

Ad Hoc Committee(s)