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10th NTID Student Assembly - RITpedia

10th NTID Student Assembly

The Tenth NTID Student Assembly was the meeting of the legislative branch of the NTID Student Congress, composed of the organization, Greek organization and club representatives. It convened in CSD Student Development Center on September 2006 and will end on May 2007.

Major legislation(s)


Voting Representatives

Non-voting Representatives


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NSA Officer 2006-2007
Speaker David Spiecker
Vice Speaker
Administrative Advisor Erin Esposito

Ad Hoc Committee(s)

  1. RIT/Gallaudet Sports Weekend 2007 Committee
  2. BrickFest 2007 Committee
  3. NSC Election Committee
  4. 36th Annual NTID Banquet: A Night at the Oscars (NTID Awards) Committee